Welcome to the upside down.


In this workshop, I will provide you with the structure and bases to build your handstand practice upon strength, alignment and proper shape, safely and with a lot of fun.

Partners drills, trust, laughs, monkey movements, self practice, yoga flows, yummy stretches and dynamic warm ups…just some of the tools we will be using to prepare the body and the mind for this journey.

“It is time to play. to move. Shake. Get upside down. To create shapes. To move from the soul to the bones.“

If you already find yourself in the path towards handstand and can hold it for a few seconds, I can offer some new ways to challenge and refine your practice, so come and join us!!!

“Master the fundamentals, so you can forget them and improvise.”



This workshop offers an introduction to the practice and theory of Ashtanga Yoga.



– Breathing techniques.
– Sun Salutations and the foundation poses of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.
– Postural alignment.
– How to bring together the elements of Pranayama, Asanas, and Drishti.
– Deep relaxation.

Ashtanga yoga is characterised by its focus on vinyasa (synchronised breathing and movement), that creates a constant flow between the more static, traditional yoga postures.

Focusing on the 3 key elements of practice the Ujai breath, the asanas and the drishtis – we will gradually build the foundations for a daily yoga practice. The postures are specifically designed to balance strength and flexibility, while simultaneously focusing and calming the mind.


Playful movement, playful practice.

With a focus on mobility this workshop has been crafted and design to make movement practices like Yoga, Capoeria, Surf, Acrobatics, among others…More accessible, pain free and reducing the risk of injury.

Through various drills and techniques we will explore different joints and muscles,  conditioning them to develop full control of the body. Be prepared to step away from your everyday practice and open your mind to experience with playfulness dynamic movements that will help you build depth, awareness and stability in your practice.




Is time to fly high!



Partners yoga, Acro-yoga, explorative movement, deep awareness.It’s all about having fun, connecting with others, developing communication skills and co-create awesomeness.

Together we will set the bases for acrobatic play, counterbalances, static poses and flowing through them.

Let your inner child jump out and invite sillyness to be part of you…. A workshop dedicated to learn more about what feels good in the body and the mind.



Experience backbends in a dynamic pain free way…

Backbends are therapeutic, healing and can challenge us physically, mentally and emotionally. This workshop will guide you step by step through multiple drills and skills, in order to build confidence and ensure proper form and technique as we explore deep backbends.


The main focus of this workshop is Mobility of the spine – flexibility and strength-
It builds on from our foundations of core engagement, lateral body extension and leg strength, towards a mobily and strong back to lets us find a dropp-back motion.


What to expect? This workshop will focus on attetion to details and small movement to expand our practice, at the same time that it will take you in a safe way to the edge of your strength and flexibility. Partners work will take place in order to make safe entries into the poses.