The process

How many times have you seen an image in Instagram, facebook or any media, and think…..wwwuoo this person is so amazing, they have a great practice.

Behind that “amazing” pic there are 1.000 attempts, hours and hours of practice, perhaps frustration, self judgment, many days where the person thought of quitting or got injured.

Yoga is a path, a choice, not valid for a seccond captured by a camera but by trying to keep connecting with ourselves and finding our own rhythms. So, what i’m trying to say here is, give yourself the acknowledgement of the beauty of your practice, of your process and the place where you are right now.

My your day be full of love…

Wrists flexibility

it is such a crutial part of arm balance asanas and handstands how ready/warm our wrists are before you start getting upside-down.

These are 4 easy, simple possitions to start with. Find movement in all directions, while being aware of not creating pain or forcing joints.

I ussually give myself like 5-10 minutes wrists therapy and then up I go!!!!!!